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Grateful Student Rewards Prof With Pussy & Piss!

She almost didn’t make the mark at school but her prof was kind enough to give her a passing grade. For that, she wants to reward him with the lusciousness of her cunt! She surprises him by showing up at this house and taking off her panties! He can’t resist so he licks her sticky pussy and he likes what he is tasting. For good measure, he makes her suck his cock as well. They end up with him eating her cunt until she’s exhausted from cumming so much.

Peeing In Transparent Plastic Container

I need to pee again. I’m trying to train my bladder but it’s very difficult. This summer I was able to drink a lot more water before having to pee but now I have to train myself again. Sometimes I don’t even have the time to prepare my camera and start filming because the pee starts running down my legs and I wet my panties. This time I was able to get the camera ready. I remove all my clothing exept my socks (the floor is so cold!) and I pee in a transparent plastic container. I try to stop the stream by using my kegel muscles but it is very difficult (another thing I have to train!). I finally stop the stream and start peing again in a second container. After peeing I spread my pussy lips with my fingers. Then I combine the 2 containers together in a glasss cup and show you how much pee I collected. Finally I pour my pee in the sink.

Shit For T From Denmark

Now comes your first dose of my dear T.Auch this I deliver you to Denmark. Naked I sat down in front of the camera and spread my legs. And, now darfste see what’s coming out for YOU. And, fear?