Shitting Duringex

Pissed In His Mouth

After Miss Leah Obscure has used the toilet, I start feeling that I too must take an urgent piss! So the slave has to open his mouth and serve as a toilet once again. I love to piss in a slave’s mouth! He swallows everything beautifully and doesn’t miss a drop. Swallow it all, toilet bitch!

Masturbation And Pooping

This is a sensual EFRO style clip including masturbation. I start off completely naked, jerking your cock. I tell you how much I love jerking you off, how much it turns me on. I accidentally fart while i’m stroking your dick and you say it turns you on. I fart again and your cock gets throbbing hard so I decide to use the toilet while we masturbate together. I sit on the toilet, playing with my pussy while you jack off. I tell you how much it turns me on for us to smell my farts and masturbate together, how much I love watching you stroke your cock while you watch me use the toilet. I tell you I want us to cum together as the log slides out of my ass. Can we do that? I squat over the toilet seat and push out 2 logs while I play with my pussy and you stroke your cock and we cum together. It feels so good to cum as the log slides out of me! Then I show you what i’ve left inside the toilet bowl and show you my brown asshole, smearing the leftovers around my butt.

Lady Joice – The Private Toilet Slave Hd P5

Now it is time to poop in the mouth of the toilet slave. Mistress Michelle gives the short command to open his mouth. Shortly after, Mistress Michelle shoves him right into his toilet mouth. Lady Joice takes a few photos of it and laughs. Then the slave begins to chew and swallow the pile. Lady Joice pisses in his slave mouth.

Knee S And Shit Big Pralines

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