Shitting Eating Poop

She Is Pissing On The Bathroom Floor

She is pissing on the bathroom floor

Eat My Stinky Shit!

A pathetic shit eater is lying beneath me, and I am having a quick sandwich. But he should be happy, if I am fed, so will he be. The pathetic low life is not quite sure what to expect from me. But I start by placing my ass on his face, so that he can smell the food source.Ohh my God, he smell so bad, and he will for sure not smell any better after I have finished placing my dump in his mouth. But first I need to pee, and I make it clear I don’t want any mess on my floor. So he need to catch every drop. But he fails! So I am not to happy. So I position myself, and shit two big logs in his mouth. One he misses, and after having eaten the first, I make him put the other in his mouth.I use his hand to push it inside his stinky toilet mouth to make sure nothing get’s left. Then I tell him to finish his meal I just have served him! He should be grateful!

Bachelorette Party Shitting Galore! – Part 5

The slave’s head is already submerged in foul watery shit. Still, the girls continue to take turns shitting on him, making use of the pricey fee they gave the madam for this nasty activity.

Rachel Evans Piss 003

Rachel Evans climbing on a closet and calling her slave. She wants to drink together with him. She is drinking from a bottle and he has to drink her piss. In this long clip Rachel never seems to stop pissing. When the slave is cleaning the floor he receives a bonus from Rachel.