Shitting Fetish Mature Videos

Wife & Mistress Against Man! – Part 1

They corner him in the house and they take turns spitting on and kicking him! They take turns standing over his body and showering him with warm piss!

The Lovers Quarrel Escalated! Part 1

PART 1 MOVIE – This movie about the young couple’s quarrel has definitely escalated because she set him up to get a beating from her girlfriends!

Mistress Feeds Him Shit Because He’s A Good Boy

She makes him lie down and take it all like the good boy that he is. So she squats on his face and thrusts her tight ass. Sticky shit comes out of her asshole and he just opens his mouth and takes it all. She wipes his mouth clean, for being the good boy that he is.

If You Have Shitted Already Crouched

I have done this for you 🙂 Nacked I sit down crouched, backward, on a chair, so that you can also see everything good! and then, then gehts already off. also the result what lies then before you on the ground still warmly and puffing away, you are allowed to you still(also) take a look:-)