Shitting Fron Anal Sex

Billie’s Am Megadump!!

Billie is back with an AM Treat!! Enjoy as she shows us a nice pre-shower Morning release. She just had her morning coffee. As you know Coffee is the ultimate diuretic!!! She also had a big salad the night before so she could “keep things moving for you”. Enjoy some nice peeing and some serious ploppage in this one!! I just love her daily conversations while on the pot as well!!!

My Toilet In The Tub

My slave decided he could talk back to me, so I made him get in the tub and I soaked him with my piss, all over his face and chest. As I was standing over him pissing, I had the urge to shit, so of course I let that go too! I made him spend the night in the tub, cold and shivering and covered in my piss and shit!

Candid Shit Voyeur Part 3

She doesnt see know you are watching so wank off while you are secretly watching her shit..she’s sexy but its so fuckin smelly and you love every last drop of her shit..part3