Shitting Fruit

143 Milan Toilet Eat Shit

Another Slave from Milan that is my toilet in privet session. He sniffs my socks and feet, kiss and licks my bare feet first. After that, he drinks my pee and I shit in his mouth and make him swallow. He is lucky because my shit is very soft like diarrhoea. Enjoy!

Rubberdoll Sissyfication Part 3

Your Rubberdoll Sissyfication Torture will soon peak and you too, slavery. But still you are bound Hogtied, defenseless and enjoy the breath reduction with gas mask, until I dip your face in a plastic bag full of divine pee and let you gurgle because you can not breathe! Because I want to let you cum, I release your tiny slave cock from the penis cage and put the Magic Wand vibrator again until you tremble at orgasm! [Domina Lady Vampira – SM Studio Femdom Empire]

Two Pissing Vixens Will Double The Pleasure

The slave is lying on the floor and has to swallow Annika’s and Linda’s piss. As a reward, he is allowed to lick Lady Lindas pussy.