Shitting Girl On Toilet Hidden Cam

Kelly (digging For Scat)

This is a pretty goth bitch I met recently through a mutual friend, her name is Kelly, she is 19 years old and a real freak. The plan was to have her shit in my mouth…however she was constipated and I knew it going to meet with her. But there is always the option to dig out stubborn shit and I also know when I have a chance to eat some new shit from a sexy bitch, I am not going to turn it down. So I headed out to the hotel and met with her anyway in hopes of getting some scat to eat. Luckily I ended up getting a good amount of shit to eat after all. She dug deep into her scat hole and pulled out several fingers full of scat, which she then fed to me and I sucked them dry as she deep throated my cock. She did this enough to where I actually had a mouthful of shit a few times. I swallowed eagerly all that she had to offer. It felt amazing to fuck her pretty face and have her hand feed me her shit at the same time. Watch as I bend her over the couch and lick her filthy asshole covered in scat trying to eat whatever else that I could. When I finally had my fill of her sweet scat she spread her asshole open wide and I spilled my cum all over her dirty hole, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Where there is a will there is a way. And when there is a pretty bitch and scat involved, I will always find a way for their scat to end up in my stomach, one way or another!

Defenseless Patient Eating Nurse’s Feces! – Part 2

While the sweetheart is feeding the victim with her pussy, the other woman is slowly taking off her clothes! Shortly after, the other lady took the opportunity to sit on the victim’s face and smother him with her crotch! It didn’t take long before she stops, but only to take off her panties and then urinate on it while the other lady is giving the man a blowjob! She then places the garment on top of the guy’s face!

Aaliyah Taylor In I Want Your Piss (hd.mp4)

I want all your hot piss and I want your piss in my mouth. Fill my dirty mouth with your sweet pee. My mouth is open and I want every drop! Don’t make me wait, give me that piss now!

Soaked And Showered

I got a special request to do a scene peeing in my jeans and then getting the shower fully clothed … so here it is!! I start off the scene in the hallway, have to go so bad I just can’t hold it any longer. So I don’t! I let it go and soak my jeans and make a huge puddle right there in the hallway. Since I’m already wet from the waist down I decided to hop in the shower and get the rest of me soaking wet, tshirt, jeans and all. Hope you like it WET!