Shitting Girls Street

Brown Gold

My lactose intolerance is something I love to use against you.I had some high fiber oatmeal with half and half and two full glasses of milk. Boy oh boy, It did not take long. The clips starts with the onset of some fucking nasty potent farts that would make your eyes red. I quickly realize that these farts are just the closing gap between my asshole and the contents of my guts. I hurry to the toilet so that I don’t make an unplanned mess, but that’s no fun so, i get comfy on the bathroom floor and just let my shit roll out of me… around a liter of shit spills all over the floor. there was a calming of my bowels afterwards until i started developing some gas again, I go ahead and let it rip but more of that slimy diarrhea fills up my panties.Wish you could experience this!

Loser Likes Only Smelly Shit!

I know you loves my stinky shit, you are degrade and became for me instead of a toilet! I tease you with a hot body a bitch like you could never be good enough to fuck, because you’re not worth it! I’ll leave you a part of me you can jerk off, my hot shit is in your mouth. Eat and chew it, loser. That all what you need!

Big Ass Toilet Fetish

A new shot for my toilet voyeur fans… here you can see my big ass farts and relax on my wc… enjoy!

Matilda And Leona ? Diarrhea And V0mit Accident. Camera 2

This is footage from second cameraHello everybody. Me and Leona we just wanted to film ordinary lesbian video, just for fun, but it never goes as planned, As the result she wanted to vomit on herself I wanted to shit, also on her, and even with all this obstacles we were able to finish our video. 27 minutes of shitty and vomit action.