Shitting Grills

Yukari Soft Release

An intimate view from the side of a soft load!

Toilet Slave Training Ep.2

In this second episode continues the slave training.The slave has to wait in the bathroom his mistress, for her when it came time to piss, comes into the bathroom and orders her slave to kneel and put his hand under the stream of divine golden rain. The rain is so great, plentiful and hot, the slave in that awkward position should be plenty of time to stop to take a piss on the hand. After the heavy rain, the slave has to lick all the drops that splashed from the hand to the thighs of the Divine Mistress, meanwhile amused Mistress for the scene slaps his slave in his back.In the next few episodes the slave will gradually become the total toilet of his Mistress

Failure To Render Assistance

I have a walk with my girls Miss Jane and Jordan Star (alias Medina), looking for a quiet and sunny place. On our way, we find a pensioner, who is stuck in a hole and screams for help. So we took this opportunity and peed on him extensively. He can go on crying for help – we just left the old bastard alone. It was a very nice day!

Fresh Shitting Now You Can Eat It

You little pig had the desire to eat my shit fresh out of the toilet? Lot because my knees before you left the toilet and eat well at all so that nothing remained.