Shitting In Bathroom

Jet Of Shit And Get Dirty

My bbw girlfriend shits so much and loves to get dirty with shit

The Human Toilet -part 1.

If you have fantasies about extreme Female Domination, being totally bound and unable to move, with your head encased in a toilet with a funnel leading directly into your mouth and then used as a Human Toilet, by a large group of thirty sexy, depraved and perverted Japanese Mistresses, then you should enjoy this clip.Part 1 starts with one sexy mistress after another pissing and shitting into the human toilets mouth, each mistress also use another male slave as toilet paper, in extended scenes of arsehole worship and rimming and cleaning the shit out of the mistress arsehole !!By the time part one is finished, the human toilet is clogged half full with piss and shit, and the pathetic male slaves mouth is filled with shit !!Warning !! very extreme and depraved !!

Mistress Roberta – Special Breakfast Close Up View -pov

Today my slave i give you a close up view of making your breakfast in the living room on my little bench the jar as always for pee wich was only few drops and the plate for the shit wich was enough for an hungry toilet slave, bon apetit!

Emergency Toilet P3

Now the toilet is degraded. What’s that for a human toilet, eats no shit? Miss Flowers craps him then just as his body, so he knows what we think of him. Then he must go.Luckily my property arrives instantly a few minutes later and is supporting us as a toilet slave available. We have to pee. Lady Angie gives him her pee directly into his mouth. Then she is shitting a big pile on his body. Of course I poop him right into his mouth, as usual. He chews and swallows.