Shitting In Dick

Strangers Filming Schoolgirl Pissing And Defecating!

In the middle of a park, there is a wooden infrastructure which is labeled as a female public toilet. Though, little did people know that underneath the opening on the floor, which serves as the toilet itself, are men hiding and recording the unsuspecting women! In this situation, a schoolgirl falls victim to the trap! While she is taking off her panties, the culprits are recording everything! It doesnÂ’t take long before she is squatting on top of the opening, making it hard for her to see them! She then releases a strong stream of piss and follows it with a couple chunks of feces!

Adult Baby And His Nanny! Part 1

Adult baby sucks hard at Nanny titties, now Nanny has to feed him some solid food. She gets the bowl and then squatted on it and there dropped her solid shit.. She feed it to him, squashing it so it goes a bit soft and watering it down so adult baby dont have to chew hard!

Introducing Helga And Keisha!!

Another day, more new ladies!! Say hello to Keisha and Helga!! Keisha is another College girl ready to get loose!! Enjoy as she drops a load on campus at her University. Is it me or does her massive load not look like the Shape of the State of New Jersey? lol! Helga is a sexy Half German, Half Latina Hotty that is real eager to impress!! Watch as she shakes that lovely ass of hers in front of the camera before squatting in reverse and even standing on the toilet! Enjoy as both of these hotties put on a show in this lovely debut!!

Shit Sucked, Chewed Up And Spit Out

KV sucked, chewed up and spit out! Well if that is not even a nice pile of crap with which I play, suck it and then spit out. Feel like getting to do the same too?