Shitting In Floor

Dinner Shit From Mistress Nikole

Today I am in the office style – in a blouse and leather skirt. Stockings on my legs. Come on, toilet slave, crawl to Mistress Nikole. You’re going to lick my ass. Lie down on the floor and open your mouth wide. I’ll be shit in your mouth. Thank your mistress for a delicious dinner. I want spit in your mouth and smear my shit on your face, fucking slut.

Incredible Amount Of Diarrhea At Once !!

Godess cannot call me today to eat her shitty diarrhea . . so. . she remain alone at home and must empty her bowels. With a hugeee diarrhea inside her, she put a pair of tan leggings, and hoping that she can hide all her diarrhea inside them. But unfortunatelly, the more she shit her Diarrhea, the more was going outside the pants and over her waistband. All diarrhea beginning to flow as a river to her plate and soon she fill her plate at maxximum !!! Epic diarrhea flowing alone and going from Godess ass – – up to her waistband . .than outside leggings. . . . all by herself !!!! Didn’t know that diarrhea is alive !!! 😀 See it to believe it !!! Price is high but action is unbelievable !!! Only Godess can do a diarrhea like this !!

From The Toilet With Shit

beautiful view on my ample ass 🙂 Then already pooped, look and listen, as they plumst in the toilet .. Merry Christmas Together

Piss Drink 28

Joschi has invited its mate to come in Jona’s slave lot. Unfortunately, the two slave friends have nothing to drink at home. But their mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica is present there, of course this knows remedy for the thirsty mouths. She picks herself up the glasses the two, trips up frivolously with her Heel on the couch and pees glasses brimfully with her piss this one. She then orders her two slaves the glasses now to drink the bet emptily. Of course another gateway still follows and after first glass.