Shitting In Girls Face

Morning Full Toilet Duties

I like to feed shit to my living toilet, every time I come up with something new. His duty is to eat all my shit, and I’ve been saving for him, but he doesn’t know it yet!I standing over him and peeing through panties in his toilet mouth. Shiting in panties and makes him eat poo with asshole and coward. The mouth of the slave as a washing machine is very convenient but not effective, for this he will be punished!

Pissing In The Bowl

Pissing in the bowl (JJ000784)

Wake & Poop!

I just woke up and have to poo…come into my toilet and keep me company 🙂

Eat Shit Looser P2

He has to eat the shit. But first of all the lady has to end her shit session. At the hole time the toiletslvae is laying on the floor under the beautiful ass of his Mistress and has to wait of the order to eat the big pile. But the shit in his mouth piles on it self and he does not move. What a great big pile!!! and