Shitting In Her Clothes

Feeding Comfortable Of The Toilet Slave

In the process of defecation, a girl should feel maximum comfort!

Poo Scissoring (hd)

Hi Guys! I have a dear friend, with whom we used to have sex, and she was bold girl, so agreed to have sex with shit. She did shit, while stroking me and I her, then smeared each other shit. I really like the way she caresses. We really enjoyed it. At the end of the game she had an orgasm. We hope you can enjoy this movie because you did it.

Lady Aria’s Gassy, Stinky Conversation!

Lady Aria is on the phone with her sis. Apparently they have the type of intimate conversations that lead to them talking to each other – While Taking Dumps!! Lady Aria really had to drop a stinky ish and blamed her sis in law who apparently was also Taking a dump right before she did!! You can even hear them talking about what helps them relieve gas!! So sexy watching women take a crap and be gassy while ALSO TALKING about being gassy

Mistress Gaia Back Home Quickly

I had to return quickly because I was just shitting on me! I get up quickly skinny jeans and, finally, I can make out my divine shit from my beautiful ass. You obviously waiting for me still on your knees, to contemplate it and then, all clean up and eat it.