Shitting In Her Own Moulth

Queen Bee’s Up Close Plops And Tinkles!!

Queen Bee is back and better than ever!! Been a crazy few months for my sexy queen, but she is back and in the mix!! Enjoy Three hot new clips. She begins with an up close pee rearview angle, followed by two closup pooping clips. Enjoy as the logs slide out of her big juicy ass and into the bowl. Man the things I wouldn’t do that big juicy ass!! The body on this woman never dissapoints!

Pee So Much

how always, I’ll totaly horny outdoor. I rub my thick shaved pussy in this skin-tight black panties and show you what I did so to offer. Followed by a large pee with much pressure 😉

Mistress Gaia – Exquisit Amber Nectar – Hd Version

A simple expression of exquisit taste. My slave has just enjoyed his favourite meal. A large portion of my scat. He begged me to allow him to wash it down. I decided to treat him, and let him taste a warm delight. I lie him on his back and place a syphon in his mouth. I don’t want him to lose any of my distinctive and precious pee. As I sit over him, pulling my latex leotard to one side. I can see the anticipation in his eyes. As I release the ultimate pleasure on my slut. He gargles a little before swallowing the amber nectar of Mistress Gaia…

Back On The Stool!

A big morning dump!