Shitting In Hershoes

Toilet Time 64 – 65

I pushed out nice & creamy turds in this one! In the first installment I had a upset stomach. Delivering those creamy, super soft shit loads that flowed constantly out of my ass. In the second one I offer you thick & creamy, causing some nice splash back as those thick & long turds splash into the water like they are taking a Olympic dive heheBe sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

Mistress Gaia – Cream Of Shit And Spit

The slave is ready to eat my shit. So, after having ordered him to sniff my ass, I start to feed him. He eats everything, and to make more pleasing her meal I make soft the shit that he has in his mouth with my spits, in order to make it a tasty and fragrant cream.

Office Lady Harassed By Boss! Part 1

She is being harass by exiting the office earlier than normal hours. Here you will see her boss punching her stomach which makes her squirms and shit herself in fright!!!

Nearly 400gr Monsterous Shit

That was a biiiig shit before christmas, we already had some pre-xmas-feasting and that became a really gorgeous portion..