Shitting In Pink Panties

Hot Wet Shit After A Tummyache

I had a brutal tummyache! What did I eat? The spicy food, the booze, the caffeine? Who knows, all I know is that I was cramping and it was hot coming out! This one felt amazing to push out of me – and there was lots, it just kept coming and coming! I even repay the shitting closer up a second time so you can really see it and listen to the wet sloppy sounds it makes while sputtering and pushing out of me. After I go and my bellyache is taken care of, I wipe and explore the pile of shit with my fingers. There’s hard turds from the beginning of the shit, then tons and tons of creamy hot mushy shit. It’s a little grainy from food but still lovely to feel.

2 Piss-queens In Action! Marie And Rosella Piss In Their Mouths! Part 2

Here I met with my young girlfriend Marie-Skyler. And because she is just as horny and piss-horny as me, we have pissed each other, a huge load of piss, into our greedy mouths pissed. These were both record-suspicious volumes that came out of our wet pussies. And of course we swallowed everything greedily. Including piss-swapping with the last rest of the horny piss. Here in the second Part ,as I first the horny teeny cunt of my friend Marie clean lick before I even her a record suspicious load piss in her greedy mouth piss. She also swallows everything away like a sucker. But the last rest of my piss left in her mouth and we two Schleckermäulchen gave us horny piss kisses and practiced messy piss-swapping, before we had also swallowed the last rest away. We are also 2 extreme Pisse-Queens !! part you see

Up Close Poo & Pussy!!!

I’m having a cigarette because it helps me shit and decide to get in the tub to give you guys a really up close view of my pussy and ass hole as I take a nasty shit!

You’re Shit At Eating My Pussy So Eat My Poop And Clean My Ass!

Mistress is not happy with her new slave, he is not yet properly trained at eating her pussy the way she likes it. As a punishment she squatted on chairs while he lies down on the floor and she delivers some soft shit onto his mouth and command him to eat every drop, she then sit on his face with her shitty asshole and commanded him to lick it clean. He is learning step by step.