Shitting In Self

Mutual Love For Shit. Part 2

Seriously. One of my favorite movies. The movie in which I firtly felt incredible desire for eating shit, filling my stomach with is and making really mad sinfull sex with my parthner.I want to share this experience and make you feel what I felt in this moment, incredible atmosphere full of shitty air in the room. Our bodies, smeared again and again with endless loads of saved shit and our own shit among it. Feeling shitty cock inside, in month, on my face… Such moments full of relaxing and feelings that evertyhing is allowed – they are worth living.

Lil Stinks Golden Tinkles Mixed With Thunder Plops!!

Lil Stink is back with some more of her sexy ass Grunts, plops and strains! She dropped some major bombs in the bowl in this one. Enjoy this collection of pee scenes followed by several great and pooting scenes!

Billie’s Taking Some Loud Poop Breaks!!

Billie returns with Four action packed clips!! This her longest clip to date and the most action packed This BBW Adult Star works a regular 9 to 5 when not on film. Enjoy as she lets rip in two noisy scenes at work and another one at home. She may be a classy lady, but she sure shits like a trucker a highway rest stop!! Some of the loudest plops you will ever hear!! She, Ms D, and Melissa always bring it when going in public!! These are the type of clips that make me wish I could be invincible and sneak into the ladies room to watch!! It?s like a episode of Batman with all the BOINKS! and PLOPS! and BLOOPS! and splashes you hear falling out her ass!! She even had a little diarrhea in the final clip!! She dropped a Hot 16 Bars Like she was a rapper!! 16 minutes of All Killer no filter action from this rising BBW starlet!! Lots of action from other ladies in this busy ladies room as well!! But this is the biggest and best clip yet from Billie!!

Acrobatic Shitting

Today I try to be a bit acrobatic! I try to shit from my garden swing 😀