Shitting In Street

Serving Breakfast – Liquid Shit

I prepare a special breakfast for my slave. He has to take my big morning shit to work, including the full amount of morning urine. A huge brown morning fresh diarrhea awaits him for breakfast, but he does not yet know about this gift. I can imagine how pleased he will be. Who wants to be my toilet?

Toilet Slave Swallows Shit

In the morning I’m coming in the slave’s room and my toilet is already laying on the floor and waiting his breakfast. I’m command him to lick my boots before going at work. I make sure that he carefully cleans my shoes with his tongue. If something goes wrong, he will remain without breakfast. After clean my shoes I sit down on the chair and make him to lick my asshole and feel the smell of my ass before I’m going to shit in his mouth. Then comes the most pleasant moment for the slave. He’ll get a big portion of the morning fresh shit from the Mistress Emily. He open mouth and sucks my solid turd. I have a lot of shit this morning, because I had a picnic last night and I not going to the toilet more than two days. When his face is completely covered with my shit and I finish shaving the slave’s feeding, I get up from my chair and spit in the slave’s mouth and make him to swallow. The slave can no longer resist and obediently begins to eat my shit, despite the pungent smell and bitter taste. For the time I use him as toilet, he’s used to the smell of my shit and his dick со hardens when the turd begins to get out of my ass. The slave should have a good breakfast, so that he had a strength for dinner, because the next shit’s waiting for him after I get home. See you later in my next video!


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Toilet Slave Caught In Bed Part 6

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