Shitting In Toilet Hidden

Pantyhose Foot Worship And Toilet Slavery Humiliation

This 55 min clip contains 2 golden shower scene. In the first scene, sexy Goddess Parvati plays at the computer, when all of a sudden she feels the urge to pee. She orders the slave bring a transparent glass bowl, which she uses to pee in it and keep it for her slave. While she plays at the computer, the slave lays on the floor, on his back worshiping the Goddess’ feet in pantyhose. Slave licks and sucks her toes and after he is deep throated with the feet. In the second scene, the voluptuous Goddess Parvati trains her toilet slave to become also a domestic slave. She humiliates him during the cleaning by ordering him to clean serveral times. The slave does it best and gets a reward : to worship the feet of the Goddess. He is also used as a human ashtray. After all the cleaning process, Mistress orders the slave to lay on the floor, on his back and he will get a golden shower directly in his mouth, while she face sits him ! He must drink all and he gets tons of piss, that overflows his face ! At the end he must clean again ! This scene is filmed very clear, you can see the pussy clear and the piss entering in the slave’s mouth ! A clip to enjoy !

Ass Smeared With Shit

The clip was originally planned to actually shit in my hand and then smear it on my ass but I had the wrong thing to eat the day and just could not hold it

Mistress Gaia – Getting His Erection Back – Part Two

Once again our patient has returned to the clinic to undergo another examination to see if his erection problem can be cured. We invite him into our private consultation room to discuss his problem. He has been instructed to undress and present himself naked in front of us. We tell him he is going to have some special treatment for his condition. It begins with him becoming our servant and knowing his place. We tell him to get on his knees, and worship our feet. After he has undergone this initiation, he is going to be completely at our mercy. I get a collar and place it tight around his neck, also a chain and a leash is attached. He can’t escape and is completely under our control. As we continue with his treatment, we remove our white coats to reveal our stunning bodies and outfits. Our patient is clearly overcome by this luxury. He is indeed going to experience some special treatment. We begin by taking turns at allowing him the feel our silky stockings on his cock and body. He is making some noise, so we decide to shut him up with some footgagging, followed by facesitting. His cock is now hard and he’s showing signs that he wants to cum. We tell him as part of his treatment, it’s not allowed. As we continue to torment and tease him more, he groans with desperation. There is another part to his treatment. My colleague decides he requires some lubrication to cool down his hot cock. So she tells him she’s going to give him some medication. He agrees, and she sits astride his cock she pee’s on it. We then rub it in to make sure his cock is well lubricated with her pee. Of course, we’re not finished with him just yet. There’s still some pee left, so she pee’s into a glass and tells him he must drink it if he wants to reap the benefits of his medicine. Our patient drinks empties the glass, as we look down on his erection. It’s obvious our treatment has worked. However, we may require him to return to the clinic for another session in a month’s time…

Sweet Haley

A super sexy girl shitting!!