Shitting Into The Mouth

Goodness Grace’s Farts Turned To More!

Man this booty of Goodness Grace has been on fire!! She was lying around naked in her living room one afternoon, and started feeling gassy. She’s been great about recording her gassy episodes lately! She pushes out a few wet farts and poots on the floor. She stared to feel a lil bubble in her tummy, so she takes the fun to the bathroom. At first she gets on all fours, and pushes out even more farts. ALL the sudden the gates opened, and one of those farts went from shartzone to shitzone with the quickness!! She finished up and shows off her wet, runny load. She wasn’t finished, she comes back in about an hour later still feeling like she had more to let out. SHe lets out fart after fart for two minutes, all while awaiting taking another dump. Finally she is ready. She squats over the floor and this time she pushes out a solid long turd. A another FUNKY pair from Grace! A great collection for both Fart and EFRO lovers!!

Amirah And Me Pissing Before A Party

Amirah and me are going for a party, and we need to empty our bladders before we go. My toilet is still laying where he is supposed to, on the ground with the funnel in his mouth! There is nothing more useful about “it” so he should be happy that there actually is a position for him!I start by empty my pee, and as usual it is a lot! I tell him do not spill or miss anything! I guess he was afraid of the consequences, so he did ok! Amirah is also emptying her bladder so he should not be thirsty while we are out partying! I always use his t-shirt as my toilet paper, but this time he did not wear it! So I don’t know what he is thinking a Princess like Amirah and me are going to wipe ourselves with? Idiot!

Tall Rachels Nasty Dump Ipod/iphone

6 foot amazon Rachel is back again, and this time she drops a real nasty, foul dump in the toilets mouth and face. This was definitely one of the smelliest shit loads he has encountered. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.