Shitting Ito Her Face

Shitting In A Glas Bowl

Shitting in a glas bowl (JJ000474)

Roxy Never Shit So Much Yet

Princess Roxy is so cute but till now she did not shit a lot. This time she decide to prepare better for the session. She take some time for smoking first using her slave as a human asthry and boot licker. Then first she piss in his mouth. Whats follow is a real big pice of shit stright into losers throat!Today is christmas, so we make the clip cheep 🙂

Verona’s Pee!

Verona’s standing on the sink to wash her hands. Immediately she notices, how urgent she has to pee. Therefore she undresses quickly, places herself above the toilet bowl and gegins to piss. While she’s pissing, she’s giving herself some nice handjobs.. she’s obsessed with it!