Shitting Japanese Torture

Thirsty Human Slave Pissed Inside His Mouth!

When this woman heard the begging of her human pet that he is thirsty, she immediately pulls him out of his cage! However, instead of getting handed with some form of drink, he is laid on his back on the floor and then gets sat on his face! Then, without warning, she urinates inside his mouth! The victim is left with no choice but to gulp down every drop of her piss! The only time he is freed from her clutches is when she could no longer release anymore!

Funnel Puke! – Part 1

The girls take turns puking all over his face; they do this manually by blowing up right on him or using a funnel to get him to swallow their puke. The man didn’t complain, not even once, and takes in all the bodily fluids thrown his way.

Scat In The Foreground

Videos in full HD with very close-ups in which you will see a beautiful abundant scat out of my little hole tight ass … all for you …

Pov Toilet Slave

You want to be my toilet slave don’t you? Well you’ll have to take this huge load I’ve got then clean my perfect hole afterwards of my black toxic waste.