Shitting Large Turd

Gorgeous Brunette Washes Her Feet With Her Piss

Gorgeous brunette pees in a bowl and then washes her feet in it

Dirty Feet P1

Mistress Michelle, Lady Katharina and Miss Flowers have a toilet slave. First of all he gets from Mistress Michelle peed in his mouth. The first Lady who is shitting in the mouth of the toilet slave is Miss Flowers. swallow the shit slave!

The Accident 1080p

CUSTOM CLIP: This is three separate toilet clips. The first one I have an upset stomach & extremely watery diarrhea. The second one, I sit backwards on the toilet. To give you a good view, I spread my cheeks. You can see the diarrhea shooting right out, but unfortunately I have an accident & it hits the toilet seat & runs down the front of the toilet, making a mess everywhere. The third clip, I have been constipated all day but I think I might finally be able to go. So I prop my foot on the edge of the toilet seat to get some leverage, and I push push push until my chest turns red. My boobs are showing in the last clip. And I talk through all three clips, describing how I’m feeling.