Shitting Lesbi

Big And Smelly Portion!

Big and smelly portion! He sees shit for a long time, but can not eat it, he waits for all the girls in turn to fill the plate and allow him to start repast. He feels terrible smells and sees shit very close. The slave is in great fear and his hands begin to tremble. He knows that he will eat everything, because he will not be able to give up his delicacies! The desire to please the girls and to feel the tastes of the mistresses is much stronger than fear.

Adelina Frau Face Sitting And Shit In Throat

Adelina Frau create another story. She was so kinky today and she prove that in this new video. She call her toilet slave again and command him to lie on the floor. Instead, she sit on his face and mouth and take his breath many times until he surrender her. She will keep her toilet in chastity another few months, for a good scat swallowing training. She enjoy to humiliate her slut and she feed him with her shit.

Ariana, Shitting Hot Blonde…

Hey I am Adriana, a blonde teenage shitter…watch my turd coming out of my ass and clean my dirty ass…

I Pee On You

YOU PEE ON ME!We pee in our faces and mouth