Shitting Off The Boat

Are You Hungry? Are You Sick? Just Eat My Shit!

You’re sick and hungry, so you’ve decided to order your lunch at home. I love that you want my shit. But first I want to masturbate, so that you excite. Then I fill your plate full of my shit and then show you my sexy asshole and wet pussy. You will not remain hungry and will quickly recover, eating my shit and washed down with my pee. It’s time to enjoy your meal, make sure to savor every piece of shit.

Food And Pissing

Lots of oil, lots of food play – cream, cake, cucumber, banana! And a beautiful pissing at the end! Real big mess!

An Abundant Discharge (full Hd)

This time you are invited to watch a large discharge in the toilet. The sweet tooth, next time, will be used as human toilets.


Hot shitting in double jeans panty pooping!