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Blindfolded Slave Eats Piss & Shit! – Part 1

She sits on his face and makes him eat her cunt real good. She places him under the portable toilet, squats on it, and shits and pisses right into his face, commanding him to eat it.


She pees a stream the entire time as longs fall from her ass.

Rachel Evans Piss 010

Princess Rachel Evans awakes from her sleep and is feeling very horny. So she starts playing with her pussy. But because she slept very long she also needs to pee. Her slave is already making some breakfast for her, but he must stop with this immediately, because princess Rachel needs him to drink all of her sweet morning piss. The slave is very happy with this drink and princess Rachel is in a good mood, because first she looks at him while he is sucking some of the missed drops, and finally she lets her slave sleep in the sweet smell of her piss.