Shitting On Plastic

Mistress Emily – Big Sweet Shit

My toilet is already waiting for me on floor, just like every day, I like to use it. I trained him so well that he was only excited by my smell and taste. I continue to sit on the special chair, pointing out to him the sniffing and licks my asshole. It lubricates my ass so that it will be easier for me to push out shit in his mouth, and he can try, the breakfast from the source. I get to the shit in his mouth, and he can consume my precious waste. I was explaining him that this is for me: a toilet, a nonhuman and the most devoted slave. Keeping slaves in denial is a good way to get them to gain pleasure of my shit. I spit in his mouth, as I am a Delight Mistress, and he recognizes that he my toilet.

Blue Shorts Police Messy

Hot police woman is loading with messy and stinky shit hre favourite tight blue shorts!

The Tasty Lollipop Shit

Well you’ve already tried the Kack-a tasty lollipop to eat? It tastes delicious. Shit only in a container and dip my lollipop in it and I let him taste the Sun