Shitting On Public Street

New Messalina In The Cap 2 Position 2

Messalina uses the slave as a full toilet. Messalina makes a slave to lick an ass pissing into her mouth fart and the slave continues to lick her ass to shit in her mouth and the slave cleans her tongue with her ass to mistress

Slave Keeping In The Cage

Welfare is very important to me! Therefore, the slave is sitting with me in solitary confinement. The bars are ideal for the application of the fucking machine and a powder room. the zipper from latex catsuit Quick is open and it rains divine champagne. And the reward, he may then inject me on my bare feet! [SM Studio Femdom Empire]

Mistress Gaia Pov Cage Scat

You have been locked in cage for two days already. You just pissed me off and I’m determined to punish you in an exemplary way. You don’t even realize how you’re disrespectful and undisciplined. How many times you jerked your dick without my permission, how many times you fooling around like a bitch in heat, to snoop in other studios. And now YOU MUST pay the pledge! A whole month in a cage, in the dark, locked in my dungeons. How long can a man stand without eating or drinking? No more than three days I think … and I think your stay will be longer… isn’t it? What are you going to eat and drink to avoid dying? After two days of segregation I will give you what is going to be your meal for the entire month: shit and pee every time I have to evacuate!

I Shit You Something Before

Come I’ll show you sweet times like a long piece of shit comes out of my ass and you get a great close-up view.