Shitting On The Toilet

A Long Term Record Of A Mistress Each Time Pulling The Stool

This video records what the mistress eats and pulls the stool every day

Naughty Nurses Shit On Patient! – Part 1

Omi takes Iku to the room and introduces her to Hiro, who is hungry for shit. She shows the horrified Iku how to squat on top of Yamada’s face and shit right into his open mouth!

Lil Stinks Golden Tinkles Mixed With Thunder Plops!!

Lil Stink is back with some more of her sexy ass Grunts, plops and strains! She dropped some major bombs in the bowl in this one. Enjoy this collection of pee scenes followed by several great and pooting scenes!


Oxana is naughty loading a huge messy shot in new green panties.