Shitting Ooping Cam

Human Centipede For 4 Girls

The human centipede for 4 girls. Again he took in himself all the stink of girls. But, he likes it, he loves the smells and tastes of girls’ asses. He does not care whether girls have worms or other parasites in shit – he will eat everything! Serving as a toilet for a girl for him is more important than his life! Diarrhea or hard shit – for the toilet slave – a magical and sweet nectar! The girls laughed at him, for them he was the last loser devouring their smelly shit, to whom even through toilet paper it is disgusting to touch!

Peeing In A Glas

Peeing in a glas (JJ000547)

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 4

To wash off the scat in my taste buds, they take turns sitting above my face to pee in my mouth. I took in all the urine I can swallow to cleanse my mouth off their scat.

Dirty Shit With Piss Comes From Tight Asshole

Dirty shit with piss comes from tight asshole