Shitting Out In Public

140 Strapon Farts And Scat

I have a cold and I cannot stop my nose running … Also, I have gases and need to shit badly! My slave is sniffing my smelly feet first and after that, he smells my farts. Long smelly, dirty farts right in his nose. Nothing good is coming after them, right? Haha. Yes, he is going to take my big sick shit in his mouth and clean my asshole after that with his tongue! I am not finished! I am feeling sick so he has to suffer even more! I am going to fuck his asshole with my strapon while he is smelling and eating my big shit from the floor! Enjoy!

Giantess Corn Poop

Didn’t I tell you not to come into my house again, little man? You weak, pathetic fool. I know you can’t resist my big beauty, but are you really a match for me? I could just crush you right now with my feet…. right in between my toes. Was it worth the risk in coming back again? No, because I’m going to have to teach you a lesson this time. A VERY valuable lesson. A lesson you are going to remember for days and days and days. HAHAHA. You see that bowl of corn over there? I’m going to plop you right in there and eat you up! You will experience true agony as you get slowly digested through my body. Oh, what pain you are going to feel! You will be going through hell right up until the point where I shit you back out! HAHAHAHA. Maybe this will teach you a thing or two about obeying my wishes. I told you not to fuck with me, little man!

Lady Darlin & Slave Drinking Piss From Another Silicone Goddess

In this movie we combined one bdsm movie with Lady Darlin and her toilet and other with slave and his New Silicone Goddess ! In the first part, Lady Darlin inserting into cock and balls saline injections, and stroking her toilet slave cock and in the other movies you can see the slave how he jerk off and cumming a lot in his hands then in the third movie he will be put on his bed by his new Silicone Goddess and use it as full toilet to can drink all her morning piss.