Shitting Out Poo

Sitting On The Throne Again!

It’s been a while since I sat on the throne while chatting with you guys…Come into the bathroom with me and watch me seduce you while spending quality time on the toilet bowl, farting and shitting away! 😉 I finish taking a shit, wipe and clean my pussy with a wash cloth…then I invite you to come into the bedroom and eat me out…

Blonde Piss Chick Pees Inside Her Bedroom – Mp4

Ksenia is a really crazy piss chick! She likes to turn you on while she is inside her bedroom. First she shows you each of her tits before she takes off her clothes. Then she shows you that she can lick her own nipples! But while turning you on she realizes that she has to pee – and takes a big bowl. She knees at her bed above the bowl and starts pissing right into the huge thing! When she is ready with peeing she leaves the room – but you still can take a look at the huge puddle of her golden liquid inside the bowl…!

Adore Me Toilet Slave

Three Ladies and one toilet slave. at the end of these fantastic scat movie the hole face is coverd with scat. These toilet slave have to adore our shit.

Poop Pie

I know you guys love home cooking, so I thought I would make you a special, fresh, home-made apple pie! First I cut up a fresh apple in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron and then i took it into the bathroom and added a nice hot layer of my steaming shit right on top of the apples! Of course it needed to be juicy so I pissed on the mixture and then I spread it nice and even and put a little cool whip right on top for you! Enjoy!