Shitting Out Whipped Cream

Double Toilet

I have two thirsty slaves begging for my sweet fluids, so why not make sure they both are given fluids? I have them lie on the floor, and piss in their open mouth. When I am done they have missed a lot, so I have them lick the rest from the floor.

She Couldn’t Hold Her Pee Anymore!

She has this rare medical condition in which she’s having a hard time holding her pee. Until she’s cured, they advise her to wear a diaper everytime she goes out. But she forgets to do this when goes for a coffee run this morning so the expected happened; she had to pee all over her pants! Her friend reprimanded her for not wearing a diaper before going out so they make her lie down in bed like an infant and slap a diaper around her bum.

Human Toilet Bowl Locked Part 7 Chrystal

Here the Girls want to go to a Party and seem to argue over their Makeup. Maybe they don’t even see the Slave in the Toilet and just Poop into him, close the Led until somebody else uses it. Part 7 with Chrystal pushing her Dump in his Mouth . English Subtitles