Shitting Outdoor Ex Girl

Shit Of The Mistress In The Toilet

Today the Mistress decides to give his toilet slaves a good morning make a film while doing an abundant shit in his toilet.Of course she start with a beautiful piss, the shit is filmed just fine, you see all the shit coming down and filling the toilet.The Mistress then shows up as she cleans her ass with toilet paper, and makes a bidet. There’s a film inside the water of all the shit just made.

Full Hd Scat Eating

Mistress is going to another place and call me to use me for her morning ritual. this time she got a new FULL HD CAMERA ready to record how she deposit a full amount of her shit in my hungry mouth !! Close ups, pussy and ass, full scat in mouth, scat training, foot scat eating, File is converting from MTS to AVI

Close-up, Shitting In The Toilet

Very horny close-up in HD. Look at me like I’m dropping a hard sausage in the dish. Keep the camcorder directly before my asshole, so you can see them up close. Do you like it? 😉