Shitting Pain

Complete Shit

I came into the room where I was waiting for my submissive slave toilet. He was so helpless and asked me to shit in his mouth. Pathetic stupid pig open his mouth wider, so I was shitting right in this mouth a more more big shit. He likes it very much.

Hard Toilet Training By New Goddess

After last movie of Mistress Ezada, when she used her ugly pathetic loser and filled his mouth with her kaviar, Godess just make pictures and vids and sent them to many ladies, all of them beeing good friends of her.Because the slave says he will do anything to serve her and other Mistresses at requests, Godess want to make a present to a good girlfriend of her and borrowing her toilet for daily use as her full human toilet. This will be again a huge honor for him, and toilet slut should be grateful to receive and ingest again anything that comes out of Her divine body also. To make sure he will obey everything and eat all, new Goddess beat the toilet before use. She spank him, ballbusting him, pushing her hand deep in his throat to be sure his mouth will be open wide to receive a big meal ! Again an epic movie with a Silicone Goddess, friend of Mistress Ezada Sinn. In the future, more Godesses will request the pathetic toilet for daily use . . .

Shit On My Foot

Today I caught a guy looking around in my things. So – my clothes seem to be liked by him, so he must wear some of them. That was real fun! As the guy massages my feet I really need to go to the toilet – but for what are those guys here? For being my toilet of course! I shit into his mouth and help him eating with my foot! Afterwards the guy must clean my feet with his tongue!