Shitting Pee Girls

Two Toilets For Shona

Shona needs to pee, and have two thirsty toilet slaves lying at her feet. She give them a clear message that they are going to be her toilet, and drink her precious nectar. She position herself over their toilet mouths, and start peeing in both of them. She continues until her bladder is empty. When she is done she see that they have missed a really lot. So she order them to start sipping it from the floor. Shona step on them, and push their head in the piss to make sure they clean the floor properly.

Feeding Toilet Slave From Big Ass

I just went to the toilet and on the floor lay a man. I sat on the edge of the bathroom, and lowered my panties, wet due to the excitement. Now this man has to lick my big ass. He relaxed me with his tongue, and I shit into his wide-open mouth, filling his throat to the top. Then I fed the slave a delicious breakfast, stuffing into his mouth slices of my shit.

Pissed Of The Slavegirls Feet

So sad that my joung female slave is to shy to come in front of the camera. With her 18 years she needs more upbringing. I leastwise make her filming her small, soft feet. Watch the video, how I rub my feet on hers. Certainly my favourite pursuit is too spend my juice and the small soft feets must serve. She gets full and big load of my juice on her sklavefeet and it splashes around.

A Toilet Bowl For The Lady

Even she-dog Maik is not able to be not encounterd by Lady Atropas mood. She is spitting him directly into his face, placing him correctly to pee all her warm piss on his body…