Shitting Pooping Toilet Bathroom Spy

Big Shit In His Mouth

My human toilet waiting me on the floor and every day I use him to shit in his mouth. Today was no exception . Shit, dirty asshole all in his mouth and nose. Toilet slave is becoming completely brainless and obedient. I am his Mistress and he is my Toilet. I am getting horny when I feel his tongue inside my shitty asshole! Now EAT my shit!

Smelly Shit From The Sweet Ass Of Alina In The Morning

Smelly shit from the sweet ass of Alina in the morning

Goodness Grace’s Toys, Turds, And Tail!!!

I swear Goodness Grace…..I couldn’t have come up with a better name for this Funky Lady!!! She has me screaming it everytime a new upload pops up in my inbox!! Enjoy Two action packed clips in this FUNKY dozen minutes of action!! Enjoy in the first scene as she describes the big poop stuck way deep inside her ass. She decides to use her Anal Bead Stick to loosen it up!!! She does it until the shit is on the stick – which she gladly presents to you of course!! She proceeds to let out a big runny load, but some is still stuck, so she gets her trusty stick and loosens the rest out too!! Man what a mess she made in her bathroom!!! The second scene is more of that wonderful Georgia Peach Spreading in front the Camera to drop some Solids on the floor. She once again made a mess buy missing the bowl on the floor, Enjoy as she cleans it up and shows off her turdy mess!!