Shitting Pooping Vomit Cat

Extreme! With A Lot Of Piss Poured Over

OVER 8 MINUTES PISS!! I need it more and more extreme. I put a bucket in the bathtub. There I piss again and again. When he is well filled, I overflow with all my piss. That makes me horny without end. At the end I piss again directly into my toilet mouth! Wet greetings your piss-horny Carsten

Latextreme Femdom 1/2 – Filling With The Funnel Gag

The inflatable latex mask and the inflatable enema plug you have already got to know in the clinic, slave. What follows now is the consistent filling through the funnel fog, matching the latex system mask. A perfidious game with my divine spit and you as my toilet slave. You suspect why I stop you with the taste of pee the inflatable gag in the mouth? Your moan, when I fuck you with the same strapon in the ass sounds hornier, if you drool it … [Domina Lady Vampira – SM Studio Femdom Empire]

Recordable Mega-shit Sausage For The Next Slaves’ Mouth! Part 1

Here you can see the 1st part from the Full Movie Recordable mega-shit sausage for the next slaves’ mouth!: And the next toilet slave who wanted to eat my big shit sausages. This slave, too, came to his limits! Because I was not shit for 3 days, so that he also got to eat properly. Have him directly from my horny asshole a new record suspicious mega-shit sacked in his mouth. You can see this from 4 perspectives. After he had his mouth fully full with my shit and his face was also full, he had to eat everything and swallow. I always had my shit stuffed nicely in his mouth while I sat on his upper body. When he had eaten 3/4 of the mega-shit he lay there like a pile of misery. But that did not interest me. Since I had to piss I have him still a mega-load piss in his mouth pissed. He also had to swallow it completely, mixed with my restless shit. I guess that this slave had no hunger and thirst all day, with these huge amounts!

Log Eater Ipad 720p

New feeder Mistress Raw Desires saw our vids and contacted us wanting to feed the toilet a hot meal out of her ebony ass. This dominant shit goddess humiliates the toilet pig and makes him eat a fat nasty long log out of her juicy ass. The toilet pig gobbles down her grade A shit and uses his tongue to clean her up after his meal. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.