Shitting Public Waste Container

Extreme Shit Torture

Unfortunately, my partner forgot to make a birthday present. This is unforgivable. There is only a lasting punishment as a reminder. I ask him to lay down on the ground. First he has to lick my stinky feet. Then I press him my ass in the face. First with panties and then without. But my shit is coming soon.I shit him a huge load straight into his open mouth and urge him to swallow everything. The amount is, of course, far too much for him. With my foot I push the shit into his mouth and leave him no choice. As a final, I squeeze my smeared ass in his face and give him a face fitting that he will never forget. So much shit he rarely had in his face and his mouth.

Top Model Shit In A Human Hole And Abused Him

For days I was not shit on toilet. A toilet slave is waiting with open mouth on his mistress. Today is the day! It is an honor for him that he may eat the shit of such a pretty lady. I was curious if he really manages to swallow everything? First, I let him smell suck my beautiful sweaty feet. He gets to hear my commands and humiliations. I expect a perfectly functioning toilet! The mouth must remain opened very wide, so that I can shit in his throat. After I emptied my entire tract in his mouth he almost expleded for lot of shit! Under hard slaps and under enormous psychological pressure I push every piece of my divine shit in his stomach.

Ebonyscatprincess Satin Poop (mpg)

in her satin pajamas the ebonyscatprincess struggles to poop when all of a sudden you get a close up view of her releasing that sweet chocolate

Black Bbw First Time 1080p

Black bbw big butt Rhonda drops smelly turds in the toilets mouth.Slow motion added so you can see the shitting action close up.Will be available in 720p, WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.