Shitting Scot

Pissing In The Bathtub ** Holiday Wangerland 2018 **

Fresh from the North Sea – Fresh from the beach I come to my apartment and my bubble presses without end. In the bathtub is already a little urine in the bathing trunks before I could take off her. Stopping the hot piss pushes even more on the bladder. Out of the pants and then pee nice on the hairy belly. Also, I wash down the sunscreen

Mistress Anna – Huge Long Shit

My new sandals are with dirty soles. My slave will clean them and lick my sexy bare feet after that. Coffee makes me shit, and I can’t wait to use his mouth as my bowl. Like every morning my slave has to lick my asshole and take my shit in hs mouth . Here it comes toilet boy ! I push a very LONG and huge dump into his toilet mouth . He is just a slave, a HUMAN toilet and this is his purpose – to serve me and to be my toilet blow ! I know that you want to be on his place and maybe you would do better job if you are my toilet. If so, watch my video and tell me that you want to be my toilet and I maybe would use you next time.

Afternoon Tea With Biscuits And Pee

Our store is called ItalScat – the name speaks for itself – but people who work on this stuff quite often adore all toilet games, pissing included. So, this is the first of four clips of pee drinking that we propose (with different mistresses and various slaves). A few years ago we went to the dungeon of Divine Diana, where a friend of us was subjected to his first session of pissing. In this video you will see Diana peeing very abundantly in a bowl. The poor slave has to kneel on the floor and lap the bitter beverage like a doggie. Then, Diana takes some biscuits and dips them in the bowl (as do the British during the afternoon tea, with the only difference that the traditional english person prefers classic tea to urine). Obviously, the slave must eat all the biscuits soaked in the bitter drink and lick the bowl without leaving even a drop. At his debut as a toilet slave, our friend was exceptional: he drank an entire bowl of pee in just five minutes without complaining and without throwing up!

Pregnant Shitting In Cute Costume

It is no longer conceal. So do not, when the belly is a little rounder. But still you shall not miss my hot outfit in which I shit 😉