Shitting Spew

Shit Feeding And Smoke Hookah

Watch my new video and you’ll see how my slave copes with pile of shit while I smoke hookah. He lies below me and I’m humiliate him and spitting in his mouth. Over his face. I put my foot on his face and he cleans my shoes with his tongue. He loves foot fetish. Now he is ready to taste delicious gift from the source. Open your mouth, stupid pig! )) All the shit that you see right now will soon be inside of you and I don’t care how you do it. You understood me? Eat and chew, I will control check your mouth after. All Shit inside your body ))

Pee In The Park

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Clean My Ass Slave

I woke up this morning after binging on some ice cream last night … and I had some nice loud gas while I was in bed. Then I went to the bathroom and sat on my throne and took a nice, smelly shit and made my slave stick his head into the bowl and smell! LOL Then I decided I would give him the pleasure of cleaning my shitty asshole with some wipes. Enjoy!