Shitting Stocking

160 Human Toilet In Chastity Belt

My human toilet wearing a chastity belt from 1 week and every day I use him to shit in his mouth. Today is no different . Farts, shit, smelly feet all in his mouth and nose. He is becoming completely brainless and obedient. I am his Quin and he is just a Toilet hahahaWhen I finish he must clean me with his tongue.. this is my favourite part … I am getting horny when I feel his tongue inside my asshole!


Waking up in the morning then pooping to make room for breakfast!

Peeing In A Coffee Pot On Balcony

Peeing in a coffee pot on balcony (JJ000352)

Bbw Facesitting Poop Cum

@ 10 Min ? I Have An Idea This Time Darlin. I Want To Rub My Wet Pussy Above You While You Are Trapped Below Me. I Want To Rub It While I Bounce Up & Down Sticking My Voluptuous Ass In Your Face. I Want You To Smell My Hot, Stinky Ass While I Get Closer & Closer To Cumming. Mmmm? I Love Trapping You With My Fat Ass. It Makes Me So Horny. I Tease & Dirty Talk 2 You As I Rub My Wet Pussy Above You?. Repeatedly Sitting On Your Face & Letting You Get A Good Whiff Of My Ass. You Love That Don?t You? Oh Yeah, Smell It For Me. Rub Your Nose In It. The Closer To Cumming I Get?. The More I Feel My Shit Working It?s Way Out. Our Little Game Gets The Best Of Me & I Cum So Hard Right Above You. Oh No, There?s That Shit I Felt Working It?s Way Out! I Immediately Turn Around And Get Your Face Right Up Near My Asshole So You Can Watch All My Delicious Chocolate Being Expelled From My Bottom. You Wanna Lick It All Off My Puckering Hole Don?t You? Such A Naughty Boy! 😉 Now Get A Close-Up Shot Of My Big Steaming Pile!