Shitting Teen Boy

Goddess Sophia Shitting And Goddess Andreea Edging

Goddess Andreea and Mistress Sophia continue to humiliate their toilets in different ways. Today Goddess Andreea teasing her toilet and edging him, facesitting him, while Mistress Sophia enjoy to shit in her panty and make a suculent meal for her toilet slave. Another perfect toilet movie for all their fans ! !

And The Next Shit Eater, Extremely Shitting In The Mouth And Pissed! Part 1

Here you can see the first part of 3 parts of the full movie!:The next slave who wanted to eat my divine shit and wanted to drink my delicious piss. After the slave lay under my hot asshole, I shit him a huge shit sausage in his mouth. It was so big and hard, that the slave did not get everything, suddenly, in his mouth. Then I turned around and squatted with my ringed and hot wet cunt, over the shit mouth of the slave and pissed, a huge amount of my divine piss, in his mouth. The shit that had landed on the ground, the slave had to put in his mouth and chew and swallow everything. Mega what the slave swallowed away! After he had eaten all my shit, the slave jerked his stiff cock until he cums extremely. Well you could and would you like to eat such a large amount of my divine shit? All this you see from 3 camera angles!

Smell My Ass ~ Taste My Ass

I here you want to smell my ass and taste my shit. I allow you to get up close and personal and smell my ass and after I shit I give you a long close look and smell. After you look and smell I undress completely and play with my beautiful pussy and tell you how wonderful it is to small my shit while I make my pussy cum!! Ohhh, it smells so good and feel so good to cum. I’m so vocal in this one it’s fun!!!From your favorite redhead!

Close The Lid On The Toilet Slave Part 7

Here the Girls put the Toilet Guy rather Underground to avoid the Smell, This Way he can enjoy the Poop all by himself. Part 7. English Subtitles