Shitting The Wrong Hole

Mistress Roberta – Another Food Served With Licking The Ass Clean -pov

Today i added another suprise for your food, some other part of my body my hair after i have brushed my hair i have droped it in the toilet, after i came to prepare your food, also today you will also lick clean my ass and after eat all i gave you in the toilet !

One By One They Drowned Him In Their Piss! – Part 1

A dozens of nasty Mistresses and a slave who is strapped up on the ground, wrapped up in foil so he cannot move his arms and a bowl over his head where the Mistress has placed him to receive their discharge! They then took it one by one to piss on vunerable slave until the bowl is almost full and the slave’s head is drowning in the Mistresses piss! What a joy to watch!


Angel is hot shitting in the pants;)