Shitting Time

Husband Drinks Urine And Eats Feces! – Part 1

As soon as the woman arrives home from work, she is greeted by her husband who then takes off her lower garments! After which, he hands her with a plastic bag and has her urinate inside it! Once she is done, he repeatedly takes sips out of it! Eventually, he starts finger fucking her, both in the asshole and pussy! He then pulls out and licks his fingers clean! For the finale, he grabs her panties and smells it to his heart’s content! On the following day, he greets her arrival from work with a naked body! Immediately, he rubs her clit to get her in the mood! Shortly after, he lies down on the floor and has her urinate directly into his mouth! When she could no longer release anymore, she serves him with her pussy to have him lick it clean!

The Slave Cleans Floor (extreme Dirty Submission)

20 minutes dirty madness …. enters the bathroom in pink underwear with lace, slowly strips for you, wearing heels, he puts the camera on the floor and impiedi it pees on him, on the floor and a poo .. … then begins the subjugation, this kinky depraved takes everything with his tongue and goes down the toilet ….. eats shit smeared all over me if, in the face, breasts, on the ass, drooling like a bitch while licks and cleans the floor,,, shows you how to put in your mouth …. and sends very strong June …… Video!

Shitting Your Dinner

It’s almost 6 pm and I want to prepare your dinner! So put my pan on the ground and shit you a really good sausage 😀

Mistress Gaia – The Perfect Shit For A Toilet-slave

A video short and ‘cheap’, but intense: suitable for a beast like you! A fast paced shit only, but you will see it coming out of my ass with close shots and you will enjoy to die for! And in the end, there’ll be also a nice piss, do you like? My shit exquisite and fragrant in a little pond of pee …. eh eh eh eh