Shitting Tong

A Pervert Desire – Swallow Shit!

I have a toilet slave and I use him everywhere. He is very obedient and accustomed to serving me in my toilet. First I give him a lick of my dirty shoes, so that he cleanses them with his tongue to shine. Then he starts to lick my asshole until I tell him stop! After this word, he opens his mouth and waits for me to fill his mouth with my shit. I like to talk with slave at this moment and look him straight in the eye when a huge smelly poo comes out straight from my ass in his throat. Do you really like that? This is your pervert desire and it’s all in your mind!

Malaysia’s Aliens!!

Malaysia’s Clips are like watching the Aliens movie!! You know the scenes where the baby Alien painfully bursts out through their human carriers stomach? Well I swear that’s how Alpha’s logs burst out through her ass!!! Malaysia is easily one of the ladies I get excited about when they send me a new clip! Enjoy two new clips as she slowly releases Alien after Alien out of her tight asshole!!! Malaysia only has to go every 2-3 days. So when she finally gets that relief – GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! Malaysia is back in effect dropping tape measure, asshole stretching, bowl clogging MONSTERS beyond belief!! She is the only girl I know that can literally clog the toilet up WITHOUT putting any toilet paper in the bowl!! The way she grunts, strains, squirms, and wiggles out her loads in these clips drive me crazy!!!

Peeing All Over Him

Peeing all over him (JJ000116)

Meal For One

DirtyAzz is hungry again for her own brand of food