Shitting Toture

Smoking Redd’s Smoking, Conversation, And Runny Relief!!!

Smoking Redd Is back with another great intimate Smoke Session!! Looks like she has been backed up for a few days….Smoking is a natural diuretic, enjoy as she has a nice smoke session and conversation. Enjoy as she crosses her sexy legs and wiggles her toes in front the camera while having an intimate conversation with you as you sit right in front of her. She decides the topic of the day is her bathroom experiences. She talks about how it feels when it’s coming out. Smoking Redd chastises girls who are “Shameful Shitters”. She ain’t holding it – she will shit anywhere!! She will shit at your friends house, your house, at a 5 star restaurant – she don’t give a damn!! Enjoy her smoke tricks as she French inhales and more!! She even talks about the best and worst times to take a dump!! Speaking of time, about halfway in she gets the relief she was looking for!! Enjoy as she finally explodes with some runny mudbutt action!! No Action shown in this one, but she does show the FUNKY aftermath!!

Dirty Toilet Bitch – Quicktime

Now you’re going to clean my toilet with your tongue toilet bitch. By the way – my boyfriend just went for a piss on it and hit the borders a few times – of course you’ll lick that clean too! I’ll check if you tasted every spot with your tongue and licked it well. In the meantime i’m enjoying a cigarette and put my ash on you. You’re such a loser – and you’re going to lick my boots too. And for your ultimate pleasure i’m flushing the toilet while i press your head into it! You’re only a toilet bitch – so do your job and lick the toilet clean!(Original Princess-Jenny Clip ‘Rank 3’ only for my personal cash machines)

Hard Scat

162.4 Mistress Isabella the end of gerat eating shit