Shitting Under Eating Ass

Sorry Slave You Stay Until You Swallowed All The Shit Part 9

Girls Uses Man

Dinner Is Served!!!

It’s dinner time but my scat slave is not yet home so I decide to be a nice mistress for once and make his plate before he gets home. I have set the table and all you need to do now is come watch me piss in a glass and take a big shit on a plate and voila, dinner is served! It smells so good I am tempted to eat it myself but I’ll save it for him and I know he’ll be pleased…can’t wait for him to get here so I can watch him eat up all my goodness and drink my golden nectar…

Smear Shit On The Floor Mat With Foot

!?! Package for my slave But what one I already had my doormat with a giant turd best├╝ckt.Now I distribute it on the mat, with my bare feet.Dabei You may zuschauen.In another video You can look at the result.