Shitting Upside Down

Soft Serve Treats

Big booty scat goddess Madame Du B serves up some nice smelly soft serve treats for you to enjoy. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter @Ms_Du_B. You can now get Madame Du Bs delicious chocolate treats sent to you for your eating enjoyment.

Soft Shit In Mouth And Face

What a hectic day at work! Make no mistake about it. If there is one thing I enjoy after a long hard day it’s to use & abuse my property / slave Devoted Sub for my own sadistic pleasures in order to relax. I ate all sorts of delicious foods at work yesterday with the end result being a nasty & soft shit.I start off by using him as a foot stool (got to put those tired feet up right?) I then decide the couch would be more comfortable if I sit on him with my full weight. I LOVED this because it cause him great discomfort and each breath he takes is a struggle. After this is time for him to lick my smelly & unwashed asshole and to tongue fuck my rectum. Good toilets must earn the honor of eating their mistresses shit don’t you agree?I unload my nasty & soft shit all over his pathetic face and right into his inferior mouth. Even though he was greedy and swallowed what went into his mouth he kept a little so I can show you up close with the camera what a true human toilet with a shit filled mouth looks like 🙂

Ayanna’s Overload Of….loads!

Ayanna is a straight up shitting machine!!! This over 20 minute set is just yet another Ploptastic set from Ayanna!! Enjoy as she shits up a storm and fingers out logs and farts in 5 great scenes!!! Enjoy as she spreads, wiggles, pushes, pulls, and shoots out shit from all types of angles!!! I am not lying when I say no model is a prolific as Ayanna!!! This is a great mix of public and privat ploppage as she starts the funk at work then keeps it going at home!!